Project Internet 4 Peace Galileu Magazine

About Galileu Magazine

Galileu is a brazilian magazine that talks about science, technology, behavior and politics.
Reference for influencers. It presents, with provocative covers, subjects, ideas, people and institutions that are worth knowing. Galileu is the Brazilian magazine that raises intelligent debates by proposing relevant subjects with in-depth texts that are easy to understand.


  • Galileu Magazine
  • farah barbosa design and art direction portfolio 2019

Marketing Deliverables

  • Video internet 4 Peace
  • farah barbosa design and art direction portfolio 2019

Required Skills

  • Typography
  • Storytelling and Storyboarding
  • Video editing

Manifest text

We have finally realized that the Internet is much more than a network of computers. It is an endless web of people. Men and women from every corner of the globe are connecting to one another, thanks to the biggest social interface ever known to humanity. Digital culture has laid the foundations for a new kind of society. And this society is advancing dialogue, debate and consensus through communication. Because democracy has always flourished where there is openness, acceptance, discussion and participation. And contact with others has always been the most effective antidote against hatred and conflict. That's why the Internet is a tool for peace. That's why anyone who uses it can sow the seeds of non-violence. And that's why the next Nobel Peace Prize should go to the Net. A Nobel for each and every one of us.

manifest video

Project overview:


Create the Galileu version of the video, initially developed by Wired Italy, inviting the public to sign the petition that would give the Nobel peace prize to the internet

My role

Art director/ Team lead

Main tasks

  • Research of kinetic typography videos
  • Insights & Ideation
  • Design of assets
  • Team coordination

Design Toolkit

Creative porcess:


Colors & patterns

color gradient
color gradient
half tone