Project “Lawyers. Working towards a more equitable Brazil.”

About OAB

The Order of Attorneys of Brazil (Portuguese: Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil) is the Brazilian Bar Association, founded in 1930. It is an organization of lawyers responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in the country. Its national headquarters are in Brasília, Federal District.
Graduates in Law from university who wish to act on behalf of clients before a Court of Law must register at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. Only those who are duly registered can provide legal consultation and appear before the Court. It is an organization independent from the government, but it has some public powers, which include disciplinary action over its members.


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  • farah barbosa design and art direction portfolio 2019

Marketing Deliverables

  • Tv and radio spots
  • Magazine and newspaper ads
  • Web banner ads
  • farah barbosa design and art direction portfolio 2019

Required Skills

  • Typography
  • Photo manipulation
  • farah barbosa design and art direction portfolio 2019
Magazine Ad

“Each day in jail was Just one more day in which I wanted to fight for my rights.”

“Back in 1976 I owned a garage and a fleet of taxis. One day, the police mistook me for a murderer and arrested me. He had almost the same name as mine. I spent 19 years in jail. During a prisoner rebellion, I end up blind. Later on, I developed tuberculosis, one of my lungs stopped working and lost over 30 pounds. My companies were taken over by creditors, my wife filed for the divorce and my daughters have abandoned me. In 1998, during a review of sentences without convictions, my innocence was proved and I was released. I sought for a lawyer and sued the State in order to obtain my rights. I’ll never change my past, but regained my dignity.”

Tv Spot
Tv Spot
Magazine Ad

“Nothing can bring my son back. But at least my lawyer helped me to get justice.”

“In March 1998, my son and I worked together at a construction site. One day I heard a loud bang. An elevator had come loose and hit directly into an employee. This employee was my son. The blow was so strong that he died instantly. I do not wanted to believe. I had just lost my only son. The pain was unbearable and it increased when our employers refused to face their responsibility. Heartbroken, I sought for a lawyer, sued the company and won the cause. Nothing can bring my son back, but with the help of my lawyer, I can say that today I know how it feels to get justice.”

Project overview:


Improve the image of lawyers to the general public. Demonstrate that this professional category is concerned with society and what is moral and ethical.

My role

Art director

Main tasks

  • Research
  • Insights & Ideation
  • Design and execution

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